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Greetings from the Wellington County Plowmen’s Association. This year we had one of our best matches yet. The day started off with torrential rains and concerned horse plowers calling for updates, yet despite the rain competitors were showing up nice and early and keeping dry in the registration tent. It was as greasy as the IPM 2000 was back in Elora, with many competitors choosing to unload on the road and drive equipment in, or being “escorted” in by one of our sponsors demo tractors. By the time land lots were being called at 10:05 am the weather made its last pitiful spray of water and the sun broke out. With a lovely breeze all day the ground was dry again by the time the plowing was done. We had 44 plowers, 9 of whom were in horse classes and a huge field of 21 antique competitors! Included in the day were 7 conventional plowers, 5 juniors and many of our local politicians along with 2 queen contestants,  4 visiting fair Ambassadors, approximately 200 spectators and our very own  World Plow 2015 Canadian competitor Carman Weppler. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day awesome!