Become our Queen of the Furrow

The Wellington County Queen Of The Furrow represents the Wellington County Plowmen's Association at various community events promoting agriculture throughout the year. The Wellington County Queen of the Furrow will represent the county at the International Plowing Match (IPM) and compete for the Ontario Queen of the Furrow title!


Please follow Queen Allison on her facebook page.

Queen Competition Process:

  1. Plow at the local Wellington County Plowing Match. (Aug 20, 2015)
    - Don't worry; we supply the tractor, plow, and the Plow Coach.
    - You don't have to know how to even drive a tractor, we'll teach you!
  2. Attend the Wellington County Plowmen's Banquet:
    - Complete a 5 minute interview with 3 judges.
    - Prepare & present a 2-3 minute speech on an agricultural topic of your choice.
    - Answer an impromptu question (Don't worry, this isn't as hard as it sounds).
    - Crowning of the new Queen will take place this evening.

Want to compete?

If you would like to compete for the Wellington County Queen of the Furrow title please contact the Queen Committee;

Katherine Clyne at 519-323-7294
Mary-Lou Fletcher Schieck at 519-638-3838.

Rules & Regulations for the Queen competition:

Contestants must be:

  • Between the ages of 18-25 (Haven't reached 25th birthday by Dec. 31st 2015).
  • single and without dependents
  • Must be able to attend: 
    - The local Wellington County  Plowing Match and plow a section of land. Please note new rule: You must plow at your local match, if you are unable to we ask you to consider competing for the Queen of the Furrow the following year. All Queen plots must be judged by same judge side by side.
    - Wellington County Plowmen's Banquet and present a speech, complete an interview, answer an impromptu question.
    - Represent Wellington County at the 2015 IPM.
    - One can win the local Queen title up to three times, but can only win the Ontario title once. 
  • Please sign the competitor waiver.
  • Competitor Waiver

The present Ontario Queen of the Furrow 2013-2014 is Laura Price (Simcoe County).