2015 Plowing Match

This years Branch Match was  held on Thursday August 20th, 2015 at the property of Gordon and Anne South, just outside of Harriston Ontario. The site is part of the 2016 IPM that Wellington County is pleased to be hosting next year.  


For our 44 competitors, please see links below to download and check your results, as well as judges original score cards so you can see where you need to improve. 

Thank you to everyone for coming to plow, to watch, and to our volunteers. It takes everyone to pull off a great match! 

I am trying to figure out why the cards show sideways, but they can still be downloaded and rotated on your computers forprinting. 

Match results in pdf or excel



Judges Card containing class 11a


Judges Card containing classes, 2, 10, and try plow


Judges Card containing Horse classes 1A and 1B


Judges Card containing classes 4, 11B and our 2 queen contestants.

     This card shows adding errors which I corrected using a calculator, then I showed the differences in orange pen, leaving the judges original pencil so you can check again yourself.  Note, the standings were not affected with the corrections thankfully.

     Please also note, all competitors on class 4,  I made an error in the registration tent.  You should have all be classed class 3, as class 4 was for residents of wellington county, and under 18 years.  I apologise  I was reading upside down incorrectly. You are all still in the same class together, and your standings hold in place. (I double checked your address's on registration with google maps and the county boundary  lines)  


Judges Card containing the rollover plows



If anyone notes an error please let me know so we be sure everyone gets their proper award.

Thank you for your  patience.